Sharpie “Stained Glass” Night-lights

My pet unicorn, Sprinkles, is very afraid of the dark. I guess it makes sense… unicorns are used to light and sparkles. At night we have a bedtime ritual. We brush our teeth, I read her a bedtime story, we spray under the beds with our Monster Spray, and then we turn on our homemade night-lights. If you have a little one who doesn’t love the dark, then you should totally try making a couple of these. :)

Normally I would do a step by step tutorial, but this is so simple I feel a tutorial is almost insulting. Ha! So here are a few pictures and a small blurb on how to do this…

You simply get a small mason jar and color it all pretty with Sharpies. You can do pattern or pictures if you’d like- I personally love the way colors look when they blend into each other so I went for a more “free” approach. Then stick a battery operated teal light candle into the lid and screw on the jar upside down. Viola! You are already for bed. (If you have already brushed your teeth and read a story that is.)








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