Secret Snowflakes

It’s the week of Christmas! Let’s be real… you probably have a lot to take care of. Well, if that’s the case and your little ones need a simple project (with things that you most likely already have in the cupboard), Secret Snowflakes is the perfect wintery project for you.

Your kids will love making their Secret Snow flakes appear– and you can finish wrapping those last minute presents. Win/win.

Here is what you’ll need:

– A white crayon (I always love to use Crayola)

– Drawing or watercolor paper

– Watercolors

– Water

(Optional: Glitter & glue)


Let’s get started…

1.) Draw a few snowflakes on the paper using your white crayon.

2.) Using your watercolors, paint all over your paper to reveal the hidden flakes! The wax from the crayon will create a resistance to the watercolors leaving the picture in white.

3.) Optional: Apply glue to snowflakes and sprinkle with glitter.


IMG_6946 IMG_6949

IMG_6948 IMG_6947

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