Secret Scribbles

Please don’t get me wrong– I love living with my pet unicorn. Who doesn’t love a pet who can zap magic rainbow sprinkles on top of your cupcake when you’re all out at home? She is the best. Sometimes I feel like I have to try really hard to come up with activities that will impress her. I know it may sound silly… but she is magical… so I guess it would natural to assume that not much would impress her. Wrong. She is super laid back and loves pretty much everything. I think because she has been magic her whole life, being magic is normal, and being “normal” is exciting? Anyhow… I decided rather than just have an typical evening painting together…. I would make something slightly more fun. I ran into my room while she ate her cupcake and made a fun secret picture for her to “decode”. I called them our “Secret Scribbles”. It was really fun to watch her discover what each one contained. You should totally give it a try!


Here is what you’ll need:

– A white crayon (I always love to use Crayola)

– Drawing or watercolor paper

– Watercolors

– Water


Let’s get started…

1.) Draw a picture on the paper using your white crayon. This is so fun to do together as a family. Let your kids draw a “Secret Scribble” for you to decode as well!

2.) Using your watercolors, paint all over your paper to reveal the hidden picture! The wax from the crayon will create a resistance to the watercolors leaving the picture in white. That’s it! Super simple.

IMG_0865   IMG_0867   IMG_0868

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