Science Paint

My pet unicorn, Sprinkles has always had a knack for science. She was always at the top of her class in the Cotton Candy Kingdom (CCK). Now, science in the CCK is very different than it is here- their experiments often lead to creating magical potions and some experiments actually come life! It’s so cool. One time Sprinkles and I went over to her friend’s place to tutor his little brother with science fair project. We mixed some singing flowers, fairy dust, river soda and mermaid scales together in little jars and we created… Science Paint! It was crazy beautiful… AND everything that we painted with it came to life or would begin to sing songs. Basically the coolest thing ever.

So recently on a rainy day, we decided to come up with a way for the kiddos of our world to experiment with Science Paint too! It may not actually sing you a song or come to life… but it will definitely be beautiful!

Note: This project is messy! Make sure to either cover your surfaces or to set this project up outdoors. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

White Styrofoam Plates
Baby Oil
Corn Syrup
Almond Milk
Food Coloring
Spoons and Bowls/Containers
Droppers and Magnifying Glass (optional)

1.) We started by putting corn syrup into separate dishes and making them red, yellow and blue with our food coloring.

2.) Ok, good job! Now it is time to set your experiment up. Place your Styrofoam plates on the table along with the corn syrup, colored water, a small cup of almond milk, a bottle of baby oil, spoons, and the droppers.

3.) Let your littles experiment combining the different “ingredients” and watch the colors be magical! Our personal favorite was the combing colored corn syrup with baby oil. Look how sweet it was:


If you have a magnifying glass, let your kids up close and observe how their Science Paint blends and moves.







I hope you have a magical time with your little scientists! See you soon!


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