Reindeer Food

It’s Christmas Eve! Things here at my apartment are getting quite exciting. My pet unicorn and I have trimmed the tree, wrapped presents for our friends and family, sent out our Christmas cards, and baked cookies for Santa. I love the smell of fresh pine and Christmas cookies!! It’s magic.

Christmas Eve is always a special time for my pet unicorn as she gets to see Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Yep, my pet unicorn and Rudolph are cousins. So, even though I must go to bed after leaving out milk and cookies for Santa, my unicorn stays up and waits to have a minute catching up with her cousin. Every year she makes him and Santa’s other reindeer magical “Reindeer Food”. You see, being a unicorn, she is able to apply specific colors to her recipe. Each color she uses has a different nutritional benefit for Santa’s reindeer.

Here are some “Reindeer Food” nutritional facts:

Red – Helps Rudolph’s nose shine to it’s maximum brightness. This is very important. If He cannot see where he is going, Santa could miss a house of a little boy or girl on the “Nice List”. Red is also beneficial to the other reindeer as it heightens their sense of smell and they are able to navigate around the world easier by smelling the Christmas cookies left out by the children. 

Gold – Goes straight to their hooves and helps for great traction on the icy rooftops.  

White – Helps the reindeer be able to see through blizzards that maybe taking place on Christmas Eve, making it harder for them to pulled the sleigh to each home on the “Nice List”.

Green – Reindeer eat the color green much like we humans eat a salad. It is very good for their digestion and overall health. 

As well as being extremely helpful and healthy to eat…. Reindeer Food is also delicious! It’s like eating Christmas cookies, hot cocoa, and sugar plums all at once. Yum!

If you and your little ones would like to leave out some “Reindeer Food” with your milk and cookies this year, here is what you will need to make it:


1 Bowl

1 & 1/2 cups Multigrain Cheerios

1/2 cup Steel Cut Oatmeal

1/4 cup Rolled Oats

4 Colors of Glitter

(I used Christmas colors, but you can use any colors that you would like and make up your own story about what each color does to nourish Santa’s reindeer.)

I would make a detailed list of instructions on how to make this craft… but all you do is place those things in a bowl in that order. Simple!


We hope you have a colorful and blessed Christmas!

Love, Nickey & Unicorn

(*Remember: All little boys and girls must go to bed after leaving out their cookies and “Reindeer Food” so Santa can come!*)


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