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I am so passionate about loving and being kind to others. You never know what someone maybe going through in a day. I am also passionate about creativity and imagination. So with that… Love In Color was born. Love In Color is hands down my favorite corner of my blog. It’s where I post ideas on how you can make encouraging creative crafts to help color your world into a brighter and better place. What better thing to do during family time than teaching your little ones the importance of kindness? Not much. Here is a post full of some of my favorite random acts of kindness over this past year. I hope that it inspires you :)


Fairy Houses – This was my most recent Love In Color project. I picked up 3 little bird houses at Hobby Lobby and painted/decorated them like little sparkly fairy houses. After they were all done drying I took them to a busy shopping area and placed them in a flower bed with a sign and some little plastic fairies. I also left a notebook and some pens, so that people could write down a wish and stick it in a fairy house. The response was overwhelming–I had to empty the houses three different times in 2 days! The wishes were precious. My faith is a big part of my life, so many of them turned into prayer requests for me. I am believing for some great reports to come from these little pieces of note paper.

  IMG_3780    IMG_3830

IMG_3835    IMG_3831

 Free lucky pennies – If you are living in America and anything like me…. you always forget to spend your pennies. Sometimes I will just notice that my wallet is significantly heavier than it should be. When I unzip the change pocket… there they are. Just staring at me. This little random act of kindness is not only a great way to bless others– but it also helps lighten your wallet. (The guy pictured below is my grandpa– and he is the greatest.) 


This unicorn grants wishes – I have been known to have unicorns and pieces of chalk in my purse at any given moment– and this why. Ha! There really isn’t much to explain here. I just love watching the reactions of people as they stumble upon these wish granting unicorns.


Adopt a chickI did this at Easter last year, and it was super fun! I saw kids playing with baby chicks all over the park. I also included a little “name your chick” contest for social media. It’s also a great alternative to the plethora Easter candy.

IMG_3110   IMG_1228

Pocket PetsThis was one of my first Love In Color projects. I absolutely loved it and so did my little assistant! It’s amazing what giving out little glittered animals can do for a person’s Sunday afternoon. There just so happened to be a soccer practice getting out as we finished laying out our little pets. Perfect.


Message in a bottle – This was totally fun. I did get a few weird looks as I hid them around Manhattan. While there are all sorts of characters in New York, I guess it does look sketchy when you see a girl climbing around Times Square planting bottles with poems and plastic dragons on light poles and in subway stations.

image image

Free rainbowsThis is an incredibly easy way to encourage the people in your neighborhood (or anywhere you may go :) ) All you need is a piece of paper, some scissors, and some coloring tools :) You can hang them almost anywhere– bulletin boards are always a good option.

photo 10418156_10152225848977914_6665844789757981525_n

Magic chalk – I left these 4 pieces of chalk out in a playground right as school was getting out in my neighborhood. I have left out chalk for kids many times over the past year… but simply staging them in bottles and saying that they were magic seemed to enchant them. As they drew their precious little drawings, you could almost see the imaginations bubbles over their little heads. I totally loved it.


Draw something magic – Before I moved from NYC to Colorado, I poured out the chalk into two colorful piles in different locations in Riverside Park. I drew a big circle around them with the message “Draw something magic”, and then sat on a nearby bench and waited. Slowly people began to stop. Some would smile and walk on. Some would take a picture on their phones. As I was getting up to leave (as I needed to take the baby I watching back to her mommy and daddy) people began to stop and pick up pieces of chalk. I decided to walk down the park the next evening to see how many people had participated in making the park a little more magical, and when I got there, I was overwhelmed. There were so many beautiful and magical drawings… literally everything was positive. I am not gonna lie… I did expect at least one unruly preteen to grab a piece of chalk and leave their “mark”. Ha! If you live somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic, this is so fun!

IMG_6216 IMG_6215

IMG_6273 IMG_6450

Free crayons – It is no secret that I am a huge Crayola fan. So many of my childhood memories include a box of their bright and brilliant colors. So, on March 31st, 2015 aka National Crayon Day, I decided to spread some colors and make some happy Crayola memories for the kiddos in my hood. I bought some empty “do-it-yourself” Christmas ornaments that I found on sale at Michaels, and I filled them each with 4-5 crayons and hang them in trees all around the Upper West Side. I also left piles of them on playgrounds. I was so fun to see the smiles that something so simple brought to all the little ones (and a few grown ups :) )

   IMG_3173 IMG_3165

Free magic paint – You can find these tiny paint sets at most party supply stores in the goody bag section– that’s where I picked mine up. They put big smiles on children and grown ups alike. Seriously though, how cute are they? I may or may not have kept one for my purse– and it may or may not have entertained my niece during a wedding.

magic paint

Open me – I left this tiny box on a stone wall in Riverside Park while I was living in NYC. I placed a tiny toy dinosaur inside of it and thought a child would open the lid and give the dinosaur a home. I was actually surprised because when I came back, I found the little T-Rex still in his box home. At first I thought perhaps no one had seen the box on their strolls throughout the park– but then I looked up the hashtag #OpenMe. People were stopping by, looking inside, taking a picture, and leaving it in place to surprise someone else. It was fun to read through their comments.


Unicorn pumpkinsThis was one of my “Halloweeny” Love In Color projects. I really enjoyed it… AFTER the five story walk up in my Upper West Side apartment. That was literally the worst (pumpkins are NOT light). This is the post that introduced my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, to the world. I took one of my little friends to leave these on a playground for the neighborhood families to enjoy. They were there for weeks! I would see families taking fall photos into from to them, small children rolling them around the playground pretending that they were dinosaur eggs, and all sorts of other fun scenarios.

  image_3 image-7

Spread love It’s simple. Make some hearts. Hide them. 

IMG_2909 IMG_2747 IMG_2903

Free artwork – I’m a firm believer that art is not a competition and that it should be shared with as many people as possible. That being said– I occansionally will paint a canvas purely for the purpose of brightening up someone else’s day (or apartment if they take it home.)  Try it… you won’t regret it.

IMG_5220 IMG_5151 IMG_5549

Free birds – As spring was “springing” this year and I was getting ready to move from NYC to Colorado, I was just so thankful to hear birds singing again and feel a little sunshine on my skin. The Polar Vortex was no joke. Anyhow, I thought everyone should get to enjoy the birds again with me (or at least 7 people should because that’s how many birds I could afford that day.) so I drew a chalk birdcage and stuck the little birdie toys in it. Boom.


I hope this post inspires you to get out into your community and share a little kindness with others. If you share any of your random acts of kindness on social media, I would LOVE to see them! Add the hashtags #ColorsAreMagic and #ProjectLoveInColor so I can find them. :) Happy coloring. xo

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