Pixy Stix Watercolors

My pet unicorn, Sprinkles, is a big fan of Pixy Stix. I am not crazy about them… I am not huge on sour things and let’s face it– its like drinking straight up sugar. Unicorns, unlike humans, require a lot of unrefined sugar in their diets to stay healthy… so we keep them on hand. The orange ones are like vitamin C to unicorns. Last week I made Sprinkles a big bowl of mixed Pixy Stix powders. As I was pouring them into her bowl, I had an idea. I wonder if I mixed water into one of the colors I could make a paint. Well… it totally worked. So I made paints out of all the colors! Sprinkles was happy and so was I. Perfect.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pixy Stix

Cups or Containers

Hot Water

Watercolors Paper


  IMG_8486   IMG_8480

It really couldn’t be easier. Simply separate you Pixy Stix into colors, pour about 5-10 of each color into their separate cups (the number of each color you get will vary from bag to bag you buy– I bought two bags), add water water & mix! That’s it. Now enjoy painting with your sweet smelling watercolors.

IMG_8502   IMG_8484

IMG_8481 IMG_8482


I would love to see your beautiful and “sweet” creations. If you would like to share them, make sure to use the hashtag #colorsaremagic so I can find them! 


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