Pipe Cleaner Projects

Hey! It’s been awhile… I’m sorry! My pet unicorn and I are currently in the midst of moving across the country and I also have been unwell. UGH. Being sick really bites… and I have been itching to get back to blogging regularly.

Well, since our lives (and art supplies) are in boxes, I thought I would put up a simple and “old school” post for you this week. Here are a few fun projects that my unicorn and I like to do with pipe cleaners, that your little ones are sure to love!


Finger Puppets

IMG_5724 IMG_5725

(Note: This project will require using a hot glue gun. Make sure to always help/supervise children when handling hot glue guns– hot is in the name!)

Here is what you will need:

Pipe Cleaners

Assorted sizes of PomPoms


Hot Glue

Lets get started:

1. Select desired pipe cleaner to form the “body” of your finger puppet. Place one end of the pipe cleaner at the base of your finger and wind it around until you reach the top. It will look like a spring.

2. Using your hot glue gun, apply a small amount of glue top to the top of your puppet’s body. Press a pompom onto glue until dried and attached. This will be your puppet’s (adorable) head.

3. Using your googly-eyes and assorted pompoms, create your puppets face. (I also like to use feathers, buttons, or jingle bells… but I did not have any this week.)

4. Have a puppet show!




Here’s what you need:

Pipe Cleaners

(A) Coffee Filters or (B) Tissue Paper

(if you use coffee filters– also have markers and a spray bottle)

Let’s get started:

1. (A) If you would like you butterfly’s wings to have the sort of tie-dye effect that mine do, use the coffee filter technique. Using your markers, draw a pattern on your coffee filters. Then, use your spray bottle to spray water onto your coffee filters and watch as your colors begin to bleed. Set filters aside the dry on a piece of newspaper or a paper plate (they will be messy once they are wet.) If you would like to see a little more in depth picture demonstration on this technique, check out my Magic Turkeys post.

(B) If you do not want to use coffee filters, just use some pretty tissue paper! Cut a small square of tissue paper and pinch the center together, forming the shape of 2 wings.

2. Take your pipe cleaner and fold in half around the center of your butterfly wings, pushing the pinched center of the wings into the bent point of the pipe cleaner. Twist your pipe cleaner together to form the body, and curl each end into your butterfly’s antennas.


Crowns & Tiaras


All you need to make these, is pipe cleaners and an imagination! Thanks to my friend Molly, who sat on my bedroom floor and made these for me while I was covered in paint, haha! I find that smaller tiaras and crowns are easier to construct to look nice and are more durable. I like to use a bobby pin or two to secure mine in place on my head.

This is the perfect project for a rainy day of playing dress up!


Well, that’s it for today! Back to packing.

Have a colorful day! xo

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