Painting with Animals

Growing up my brother and I loved to make “tracks’ in the dirt and our PlayDoh with our trucks, toy animals and whatever we could get our hands on. So, the other night I was thinking to myself… why not make rainbow tracks with paint? I posted a tutorial a little over a week ago called Creating with Cars, and it was so fun! This week I thought we would try Painting with Animals! You little ones will love creating and imagining with their toy animals.

IMG_1173 IMG_1171

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tempera or Acrylic Paints

Toy animals (choose one with good feet for “stamping”)

Paper or Card-stock


Simply dip your animals feet into you paint color of choice and press onto your paper. That’s it! Then we you are done, maybe set up a little “bath tub” for your animals and little you kiddos give their animals a bath.






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