Nickey’s Bookshelf {Chapter 1}

Those who know me, know my obsession with children’s books. Especially picture books. I love them. I may be an adult, but I get swept up into the adventure and magic just as I did when I was a kid. Sometimes on my days off from nannying, I go to a children’s book store, collect a pile of books, and sit on the floor and devour them all. So I have decided to do “Nickey’s Bookshelf”. Every month I will post 5 of the children’s books on my shelf or ones that I love and am waiting to acquire.

Let us begin…


1.) An Awesome Book 

By: Dallas Clayton


I am a huge Dallas Clayton fan. While I was living in LA, my former boss brought this book and slipped into my hands. She told me she thought this would be right up my ally and that she immediately thought of me when she bought the book for her daughter. Well… she was absolutely right. I love that I had started writing a book with the same theme before I was introduced to his stuff. I find it inspiring that he was just a regular guy who wanted to write a story for his son about dreaming big. The story behind how it come to be published is a great one… you can check out  here. I recommend you do.

2.) The Day the Crayons Quit 

By: Drew Daywalt

Illustrated By: Oliver Jeffers


This book is super witty. I absolutely love it. It is about a box of crayons that belong to a little boy named Duncan. They all have something to say about how much or how little they are being used. It’s actually hysterical. One evening while in a book store in Union Square, two of my actor friends read it aloud to me like a monologue. Random strangers were lingering around listening and smiling. Get this book. PLEASE.

3.) Iggy Peck Architect 

By: Andrea Beaty

Illustrated By: David Roberts


I bought this book while nannying for a little boy in LA who wanted to grow up to be an architect. He would always be engineering something around the house and begging me to make “Food Cities”…(Food Cities were inspired by my trying to gel him become a better eater. I let him build a city out of food on a cookie sheet as long as he agreed to eat some from each build when we were done.) It did not take me long to fall in love with Iggy Peck Architect.I totally appreciate it when a picture book rhymes… and the illustrious are on point.

4.) I’m Bored

By: Michael Ian Black

Illustrated By: Debbie Ridpath Ohi


This book is hilarious. How often do you hear “I’m bored!” when you are with kids? Answer: a lot. In this book a little girl is bored, and while explaining to a potato all the things kids can do realizes that she shouldn’t be bored. Sounds crazy… but trust me, you will laugh (and so will your kids.)

5.) How to Bake a Book 

By: Ella Burfoot


I actually just bought this book a few weeks ago. I thought the idea of baking a book was adorable– turns out it is. The author cleverly writes a children’s book teaching all of the components that make up a great story, while entertaining and creating gorgeous illustrations. Adorabe.


Have you read any of these? What are your favorite picture books? Tell me!


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