Nickey’s Bookshelf {Chapter 3}

Hello. Happy April, and welcome back to my bookshelf!

If you are new to this blog, this is my little corner of the web to share some of my favorite children’s books I have collected over the past 11 years as a nanny (or have put on my wish list). If you have read the same books on your kid’s bookshelf to them 873 times this week and need a little change in your life, check these out.


1.)  Please Mr Panda

By: Steve Anthony


This book about manners is full of wit and the illustrations are great. When I first read this book I thought the Panda was a bit of a jerk and needed a massage or vacation. But, once I made my way to end I realized, the other animals in this book had no manners what so ever. If you want to start teaching good manners or just need a fun and silly bedtime story, check this book out.

2.)  Uni the Unicorn

By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Illustrated By: Brigette Barrager


It is no secret that I am fan of unicorns. This is a cheeky story about a unicorn who believes that little girls exist! I love twist. The pictures are done by Brigette Barrager, who is a former Pixar/Disney animator. I love the whole vibe of this book. If you have a little one who is unicorn crazed, then this book should probably be on your shelf too.

3.) Dream Friends

By: You Byun


It was the illustrations in this book that got me straight away. They are so whimsical and provoke a lot of imagination. This is a story about a little girl with an extraordinary imagination/dreams who is having a hard time making new friends in a new environment. With the help of her dream friend she begins to connect with other children, and even lets them share in her imaginary adventures. It’s a really lovely bedtime book to have on your shelf.   Click here to see a beautiful trailer for this book.

4.) An Awesome Book of Thanks

By: Dallas Clayton


Oh, Dallas…. how I love thee. He is still on the top of the charts for being my favorite picture book author. If you do not follow his blog or Instagram already, do yourself a favor and do it now (or after you finish reading this post). This book is a lovely book all about being grateful and saying thank you. If you are a parent or a caregiver, I’m sure that this is a quality that you would love to instill into your kiddos.

5.) What Do You Do with An Idea?

By: Kobi Yamada

Illustrated By: Mae Besom


This precious book is all about what to do with an idea (or a dream). I love books that teach children to dream big and be creative. This book not only does that, but it also explains that sometimes it’s not easy seeing an idea or dream come into fruition– more often then not it is going to take a lot of work, patience and perseverance to see your idea come to reality… but when you do it is totally worth it. Please–read this to your kids.

Happy reading. xo 

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