Nickey’s Bookshelf {Chapter 2}

Last month I started a series called “Nickey’s Bookshelf”, due to my obsession with collecting children’s books. So every month I will post 5 of the children’s books on my shelf or ones that I love and am waiting to acquire.

This week I thought I would post 5 of my favorite classic picture books. Since it is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, he will definitely be getting 2 shout-outs.  I am sure many of you will have read most of these growing up (maybe not)… so enjoy your giant cup of nostalgia as we take a trip down Memory Lane.

(Side note: Dr. Seuss’s webpage is a lot of fun if you have elementary aged children. Click here to explore and play.)


1.) The Giving Tree

By: Shel Silverstein


I remember just loving this tree when was a kid. I used to actually wonder every time I saw a stump if that tree had also given of itself to a spoiled and self centered kid. Ha! I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why the little boy in the book took such advantage of the Giving Tree. I mean, if I had a talking tree that played with me and fed me apples I would not be cutting her down… ever. This book is a beautiful story of unconditional love. If you have just had a baby or are expecting and are building up your little one’s library, this book is a must.

2.) Where the Wild Things Are

By: Maurice Sendak


I have lost count on how many times I have read this book. I was slightly creeped out by the Wild Things when I was little (like in kindergarten)… but I always loved that when Max got back to his bedroom his dinner was still warm. How could his dinner possibly STILL be warm after being gone so long and so far away? His mother must have warmed it up in the microwave before he got back in boat. It’s obviously the only explanation. Ha.

1.) Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

By: Dr. Seuss


I have always had a sense of adventure and travel since I was a little girl. I guess that’s why I have lived in so many places. I am a sucker for picture books that rhyme and this one does just that. Dr. Seuss always has wacky and imaginative illustrations. I used to pretend that I was traveling through the pictures as I read the story. This book has also become a popular book to give away at high school and college graduations.

4.) Horton Hear A Who!

By: Dr. Seuss


Horton Hears A Who… if for nothing else get this book for the line “a person’s a person, no matter how small”. It’s also a very cute story with some great life lessons. Horton the elephant discovers a tiny civilization on a speck stuck to a clover. In the book he does everything he can to protect the speck and all who live on it, no matter how much all the other animals in the jungle mock him. It is witty, quirky, and fun.

5.) Where the Sidewalk Ends

By: Shel Silverstein


Anytime that I was expected to memorize a poem in elementary school, it would ALWAYS be from this book. I loved most all of them and being the ham that I am… I loved the laughs I would get from my classmates. (I will let you in a little secret though… I was afraid of the picture of Shel Silverstein on the back of the book until I was in about 6th grade. I got over it hough. Ha!) This is a must have for bed timing reading.

What are some of your favorite classic picture books?

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