I have been a nanny in some pretty cool places. Alaska, Australia, LA & Hollywood, and New York. Yes… nannying in New York can be as picturesque as you may imagine it. Going to have picnics in Central Park is lovely. Taking little girls to high tea at Alice’s Tea Cup is perfect. (I will write a post about the things that I love as a New York Nanny soon.) However, it can also inspire a list of #NannyProblems. More specifically… #NewYorkNannyProblems. Some days… the struggle is real.


Lets begin:

“My 3 year old just looked at me mischievously and then proceeded to lick the pole subway from top to bottom. No. Just NO.” #NewYorkNannyProblems

Yes folks, that’s right… he licked the pole in the subway. The thing that New Yorkers all hold tightly to as the train is moving. I am sure every germ under the sun congregates there on that pole and has a microscopic rave that is invisible to the human eye. He licked it. He didn’t get sick though. I think I still attribute his amazing immune system to that very day on the F train. 

“Playdate in Brooklyn. No subway elevators for stroller. Why do I feel like I am looking up at mount Everest?” #NewYorkNannyProblems

I feel like babies these days have about 3 times the amount of luggage than I did when I was little. Or maybe I just don’t remember because I didn’t have to carry it. A huge stair case while carrying a stroller with a small human + a diaper bag + anything else that is needed =  a recipe for exhaustion. 

“Good job making the world’s smallest aisles, New York. You’re making errand running with a baby that much easier.” NewYorkNannyProblems 


Yesterday I needed to “quickly” run out and get some hot sauce. Thank you New York for making grocery aisles that are so small you cannot pass someone with a cart or stroller. I had to walk the stroller backwards out of about 5 aisles for traffic jams, hit 3 shoppers in the heels, and got stuck on a crate of cherry tomatoes. It took me 15 minutes to get from on end of the smallest grocery store in my neighborhood to the other. I did manage to get the hot sauce. #Winning

“Waiting for a turn on the baby swings in Manhattan should be an Olympic sport. It could be a while. Bring a snack.” #NewYorkNannyProblems

Waiting for a turn on the baby swings in Manhattan is a real thing guys. I have had other nannies (and mothers) cut in front of me, get into shouting fests over who was next, been told I have let my child on the swings too long (when they had only been on there for 2.5 minutes)…. the list goes on. Why not use it this as an opportunity to teach sharing and patience? Pull it together ladies.

But… in the end it is always worth it. Look at those smiles:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2  

“Thank you random tourist visiting Central Park for not shutting the playground gate. 6 children are now instantly gone.” #NewYorkNannyProblems  

I know it was an accident. But please… heed the signs! Kids are quick and New York is huge. Even when they are gated into the playground it can feel like a page from “Where’s Waldo”. 

“On Saturdays I love a cozy rainy day. On a Monday walking home from school with 3 kids and no umbrellas… I wish I could build an ark for these screaming kids.” #NewYorkNannyProblems

It’s funny how when I ask them not the jump in the puddles with their shoes on they love rain…. but when I forget the umbrellas on the way home from school they cry as if I have threatened to taken away their birthdays. Dance in the rain kids. Dance in the rain. 

“I am pretty sure we put back 6 different birthday present ideas for this 6 year old party. They all require having a backyard.” #NewYorkNannyProblems

What’s a backyard?

“Dear tourist… I am sorry that I hit you with our stroller. In the future please do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk to answer a text.” #NewYorkNannyProblems 

New York has a rhythm. This rhythm helps us all function and get around efficiently. Please… do not tamper with the system.  

“Playdates in walkups.” #NewYorkNannyProblems


A picture is worth a thousand words.

“Dear Upper East Side cafe… yes, this is a baby. Yes we are going to sit here and eat. No… I do not appreciate the staring.” NewYorkNannyProblems #BabysFirstDate

If you want awful glares, just take your 1 year old and their little playdate out to lunch on the Upper East Side. They are babies. Not diseases. Pull it together people. 


“I just heard another nanny refer to her child as “Master Justin” … I thought that crap only happened on Fresh Prince.”

Really? (#thehelp)

“My 4 year old needs to go potty. We are in Subway station. This has accident written all over it.” #NewYorkNannyProblems

Who thought not having bathrooms in the subway was a good idea? Whoever opted not to have them was certainly not a mother. I basically just say a prayer for no accidents every time I am down there.

“Trying to catch a cab with an infant and their carseat. That is all.” #NewYorkNannyProblems

I could bore you with the details of this… but let’s just say: Logistical nightmare.

“CRAP. I forgot socks for baby class AGAIN.” #NewYorkNannyProblems


In the summer I was hopeless for wearing or remembering socks for baby classes. I would keep a bag of socks in the diaper bag and still somehow lose them. Then out of desperation I would have to turn to the over priced pair being sold through the classes. (They are pretty comfy though… I am not gonna lie.)

“I just got asked by a woman on the street where my nanny is. I am not sure what to do with that.” #NewYorkNannyProblems #IAMthenanny

Number one: I need my job. Number two: Who would hire a stranger to care for their children from someone who handed them a sticky note on the street corner?

“Catching the A train at rush hour with a stroller. It’s like playing Tetris. I think everyone here hates me.” #NewYorkNannyProblems 


“Yes random man watching me struggle to get all of these children through the door at the bodega… it is ok to hold the door open.” #NewYorkNannyProblems #chivalryisalive #chivalrymaybedead 

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when I am obviously struggling to get through a door with a giant stroller or with multiple children, and people just stand there and watch me. I am not sure what is going through their heads. Perhaps since dogs seem to replace children here they are wondering if all the children are mine. Maybe it’s more of a game and they are interested to see if I can really conquer the door. Whatever the reason– please just open the door. Thanks.


If you are or have ever been a nanny or manny in New York share your #NewYorkNannyProblems. Sharing can be therapeutic. I actually laughed a lot writing this post. Oh New York, how I love thee.


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