Nerds Garden

On Valentines Day Sprinkles received a giant box of Nerds. Nerds are not her favorite candy… but it’s the thought that counts. We decided that since we have been really into creating with candy the past few weeks, that we would do the same with the Nerds. If you would like to create a sweet smelling garden with Nerds… keep reading!

  Here’s what you’ll need:


Spray Bottle (with water)

Watercolor Paper

Colored Pencils


1. If you can find the boxes of Nerds that are already sorted into separate colors, then that would be the easiest– I wasn’t that lucky. Ha! Sprinkles and I spent an hour sitting at the kitchen counter sorting, and I have to say… it wasn’t my favorite activity. Nerds are small and awkward to sort.

2.) Next decide on what “kind of flowers” will be in your Nerds Garden and place them on your watercolor paper.


3. Using your spray bottle, mist the nerds on your paper. Make sure that they are fully covered, but not crazy saturated. The water will make the Nerds begin to bleed their colors onto your paper.


4. Scrape the Nerds off of your paper.

IMG_8498 IMG_8499

5. Lastly, use your pencils to create your flower’s leaves and stems (and whatever else you would like to see in your garden.) Viola!

IMG_8501 IMG_8500


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