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My pet unicorn, Sprinkles, has a good friend back home in the Cotton Candy Kingdom. She is a little yellow fairy named Buttercream. I love her– she is seriously the sweetest! Buttercream is very afraid of finding monsters under her bed. Every time she comes to have a sleep over at our house she is up half the night… even after we use our homemade Monster Spray. Poor little girl.

Buttercream is coming over next week for a sleep over and we have a little craft to help calm down before bed. We are going to do some Monster Printing to make some cute and friendly monsters. Hopefully it will help her see that not monsters have to be scary. Monster Printing is super easy. In fact… I probably don’t even need to give you a tutorial (you look very smart). I will jot a few things down anyhow…


Here’s what you’ll need:


Washable Paints

Googly Eyes



Let’s get started!

1.) Instead of pressing my hand directly into the paint for each monster, I used a paintbrush to paint the shape of the monster’s body on my hand. It made the process a lot easier by eliminating weird hand poses and I was able to just press my hand flat to the paper to get the shape I wanted.


2.) Once your monster’s bodies are dry, use your glue and goggly eyes to help him or her see. You don’t have to stop at two… go crazy! After all, they are monsters.


3.) Draw a the rest of your monsters face using your markers. That’s it! Now you can enjoy your little friends. Perhaps you could name each of them and write a story. :)


See? They aren’t scary. They are as cute as a button. I hope that Buttercream Fairy enjoys this project as much as I did.

IMG_7857   IMG_7860   IMG_7858

IMG_7856 IMG_7861 IMG_7859

Happy Printing! 


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