Message In A Bottle

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I have always loved the idea of finding a message in a bottle. I grew up in Alaska and spent a good majority of my childhood near water or on a boat. I mean, maybe there really wasn’t as much of a chance of me finding a message in a bottle on the Kenai River– but gosh is it stunning! Just look at those brilliant colors!! Mmmmhmmm.


Now I live in a concrete jungle. Oh, Manhattan… how I love thee. I have decided to give all my fellow New Yorkers a chance at having the joy of finding a message in a bottle. I challenge you to do the same for your neighbors.

  image image_2

What you will need:

– Bottle (I bought a couple packs of blank Message In A Bottle packs from Michaels and they worked wonderfully. You can of course use whatever you’d like. I liked these as they won’t shatter.)

– Paper

– Pen

-Colors (crayons, colored pencils, makers, whatever strikes your fancy)

– Knick-knacks for your bottle (optional)

Now that you have what you need let your imagination run wild! I made 12 bottles. I stuffed them with different things. Some had poems. Some had chalk and a challenge to make the world a brighter and better place. Some of them has tiny toy dragons with a notes that said said they grant wishes and the ridiculous things their diets consist of. I put them all in my bag and carried them around Manhattan and placed them where I thought they were meant to be. So fun. Your kids will love hiding the beautiful messages and gifts that they have made and stuffed into their bottles. Make a night of it. Maybe go out for dinner as a family and on your way home stop along the way and hide your bottles.

Happy hiding! XOXO






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