Magic Milk Potions

My poor pet unicorn has been up the past few nights with awful dreams. I feel so bad for her… but she is too big to fit in my bed, so there is not much that I can do. I decided to call her mother and ask what is the best to way help unicorns with nightmares. She told me that there is a very soothing Magic Milk Potion that mommy and daddy unicorns give to their little ones when they get scared at night. It is made from cutting a piece out a rainbow and boiling in a pot with a cup of sugar and milk for 10 minutes. She told she it was ok if I didn’t have access to organic rainbow chunks and gave me a substitute recipe.

The Magic Milk Potion ended up being really fun to play with and totally memorizing. If you have a little unicorn who is suffering from nightmares… or it is a rainy day and you need to entertain your kiddos– it is a great recipe to have on file. Your kids will be sure to have tons of fun playing with rainbows in their bowl.


What you will need:


– Bowl

– Full fat milk

– Liquid dish soap

– Food coloring

– Q-tips

Let’s get started:


1.) Cover the bottom of your bowl with the milk.

2.) Place a few drops of food coloring into the milk in various colors.

3.) Apply a dot of the dish soda to the end of a Q-tip

4.) Using the Q-tip, touch the soap to the food coloring and watch your colors swirl into magical patterns.


Why it works:

Because the food coloring is less dense than the milk, it will sit onto of the milk. When you apply the dish soap to the milk, the soap aids in breaking up the fat. When this happens it causes the food coloring to swirl and dance around.


Click Video to see it in action!

Sweet dreams. xo

  1. Of all the ways to paint with food coloring! Saw this one on your instagram. So glad I came to the blog to find the “story” and recipe to go with it.


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