Magic Melting Griddle Art

Happy Meltdown Monday, everyone! It’s so nice to have a happy thing on a Monday (… oh, Monday.) Today we made Magic Melting Griddle Art, and it was magnificent!

Here’s what you’ll need:



Hot Pads



Let’s get started! 

1.) This is the perfect opportunity to use all of the broken crayons that have been sitting at the bottom of your crayon box. Unwrapping crayons is also a great task for your kiddos to help with while you are prepping the rest of the project. You totally don’t need to wrap the crayon if they are newer, just if you melt the tip completely off. We used new crayons and it was perfect.


2.) Cover your griddle in aluminum foil.

3.) Preheat your griddle to it’s lowest setting. This will ensure that your crayons will still melt– but will not burn off your child’s sweet little hand. Place your paper on the griddle to also “preheat” a little. You should use a thick and sturdy paper. I recommend Watercolor or Acrylic paper– or card stock.

4.) Let your littles make melty magic on their papers! You can also let them draw directly on the aluminum foil if you wish. Make sure you supervise this activity the whole time! As you can see in the photo below, it was not too hot for me to touch as times- but make sure you kids are not purposefully touching it.

IMG_1515   IMG_1512


IMG_1513   IMG_1514

Happy melting! 

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