Little Bakery of Big Dreams

I am a sucker for lemonade stands. Why wouldn’t I be? Adorable kids… selling adorable beverages….. with the occasional adorable cupcake or cookie. It’s just all adorable. Giving them a dollar makes them light up like you told them they were going on a family vacation to Disneyland. (Oh man, I am so “homesick” for Disneyland right now.)

Well, last Friday after going to Trader Joe’s to do the world’s largest and totally overdue grocery shop, I stumbled upon this little treasure. Meet, Sophia.


I was glad that I took a wrong turn on my way home and passed by her totally “sweet” “Little Bakery of Big Dreams” stand (pun totally intended). As if the fact that she is 10 years old, full of charisma, and selling tiny cupcakes with brightly colored sweets on top wasn’t enough…. there were nannies flocking to her. During our conversation she had to set aside the brownie I paid for as they were going so fast. She even offered to give them her card and told them she could deliver if they were not able to come down in person. What a business savvy young lady.

“She makes the best brownies,” a nanny told me as she dug threw her purse looking for another dollar, “I live across the street and always come buy a few.”

Sophia told me that she started selling her treats about 2 years ago in the park near her where she lives. She decided recently that the park was getting a bit boring and thought to herself “Girl, you need to move this table over to Broadway.” I am glad she did. She told me that she is saving the money up for college. Although she does love baking, she wants to study law and become a lawyer or a judge. From the 15 minutes we spent chatting, I am convinced that her dreams will become a reality. She is driven, confident, personable, and very persuasive.

It is one of my favorite things on Earth to see young people chasing their dreams. I truly believe that having a dream(s) for your life is incredibly important and pursing them is courageous and admiral. I loved seeing that Sophia’s, mother was such a champion of her dreams and her biggest cheerleader.

If you are ever strolling past Broadway and W 70th and see her yummy little stand, tell her you read about her at Colors Are Magic. I dare you.

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