Leprechaun Sensory Bin

Sprinkles and I have been spending a good amount of time with a new little friend, who I have been affectionately referring to as #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie. She is so darling. Last week we decided to take a sensory play bin over for her to enjoy after lunch– and since St. Paddy’s Day is next week we decided to make it Leprechaun themed! She loved it and I am sure if your own little leprechauns will enjoy it as well!

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Here’s what to do:

1.) Make your spaghetti noodles as instructed on the box and then strain & rinse under cold water for several minutes.

2.) Coat your noodles with a dab of oil to prevent them from sticking. No one wants that! ?

3.) Divide the noodles into bowls (one bowl for each color you wish to make) and add several drops of food coloring into each bowl. Mix well and allow to dry. I did two different shades of green for my bin, and let them dry for 20 minutes. Baby’s hands were stain free.

4.) Place the noodles in a sensory bin or container and add in any small St. Paddy’s themed toys you’d like!

(Note: Make sure that your toys are not too small so it’s won’t be a choking hazard!)





I hope you have a happy and lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

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