The nanny scene in LA is a machine of it’s own and highly competitive. You would have thought that I had moved to Hollywood to become an actress. I even had an agent. Yes… there are such a thing as “Nanny Agents” and yes I could probably write another post entitled “#NannyAgents”. I had some of the most bizarre interviews that you could imagine and did “trial periods” with a few different families–all of which I properly left after finding out how crazy they were crazy. Legit crazy. “Yes… it does make me very uncomfortable that you would like to debrief about your child’s day completely naked. Put some clothes on.” That kind of crazy. After a lot of trial and error, I did find a fit. Not everyone in LA is crazy.

I know that a lot of rivalry goes on between LA and NYC… but honestly as someone who has lived in both places I can say that I love them both the same (for completely different reasons). I can’t tell you how many times I have said in conversation “I wish that I could just cut NYC and LA out of the map and glue them together.” It could just be its own island. If I could go to Disneyland and ride Space Mountain, have legit tacos, and then read a book in Central Park all in one day… wow. Just wow. Unfortunately, I know this is not going to be a possibility in my lifetime… so I shall keep dreaming of the day that I am able to be bi-coastal. Oh, what a day it will be!

I have already started sharing some of my more humorous NYC nanny moments in my post #NewYorkNannyProblems. So here is glimpse into my LA Nanny experiences.  Buckle up. (But seriously… we drive a lot in LA.)


“Sorry we are late. There was traffic on Wilshire.” #LANannyProblems

“Sorry we are late. There was traffic on the 405.” #LANannyProblems

“Sorry we are late. There was traffic on Santa Monica.” #LANannyProblems

“Sorry we were late. There was traffic on Sunset.” #LANanny Problems


“Sorry we were late to the playdate. We drove through a primer and got stuck.” #LANannyProblems


“I understand that serving Ashton Kutcher is the highlight of your Starbucks career– but my 2 year old is about to lose the plot.” LANannyProblems

“Whole Foods is out of Chia Pods and probiotic yogurt drinks. What am I going to take as the “snack mom”?” #LANannyProblems


“Today I took 3 children to Santa Monica Beach by myself. They are all still alive. I need a drink.” #LANannyProblems


“I understand that going to yoga is really important to you… but I have worked 11 hours today and I need to go home now.” #LANannyProblems

“No… I don’t think pulling your 5 year old out of Kindergarten for a birthday cake tasting in Beverly Hills is necessary.” #LANannyProblems

“My boss’s assistant misspelled my name on my drive-on again. Answering a thousand questions about the children in the mini-van to security.” #LANannyProblems

“Folding laundry and listening to the boys laughing about how they have fallen out of moving golf carts on the lot.’ LANannyProblems

“We have been standing in line the Small World line at Disneyland for 45 minutes and now my 3 year old is about to pee her pants.” #LANannyProblems

“At a baby music class. Mother has twins. Has a nanny for each twin. It sitting against the wall texting and rolling eyes at the instructor. I’ll hold my tongue.” #LANannyProblems

“Just had a phone interview for a temp nanny job. The first Q I was asked was “Are you super hot? I will not hire anyone hotter than me.” K.”  #LANannyProblems

“Sorry we were late. There was Traffic on Coldwater.” LANannyProblems

“Sorry we were late. There was traffic on Lincoln.” #LANannyProblems

“Taking kids to casting calls and photo shoots all day.” #LANannyProblems

“Stage Moms.” #LANannyProblems

“Carmageddon.” #LANannyProblems

“I can’t find the “Earthquake Emergency Plan” card in the diaper bag. I need to remind my boss we need a new one.” #LANannyProblems

“Note to self: all sushi not purchased at Sugarfish will be immediately thrown out by my 8 year old. I want to be mad.. but he is right.” #LANannyProblems


“Folding laundry. Kids tell me about how one of them fell out of a golf cart while visiting their parents on the lot.” #LANannyProblems

“Out of all the kids I know in LA… only one does’t care about show business. He’s gonna be an architect.” #LANannyProblems

“Pilot season.” #LANannyProblems

“They are setting up for the Emmy’s. I will not be getting to work on time this week.” #LANannyProblems

“No. Taking a busy toddler on set while filming is not good idea. How could you not know that?” #LANannyProblems

“Having to explain a new over sexualized billboard to an inquisitive 8 year old every other day. Thanks for nothing Hollywood.” #LANannyProblems


Please don’t tell anyone… but on days that I miss LA, I also sometimes miss sitting in traffic. Sometimes.


  1. Love it. And now the AUSSIE edition…..?!!!

    • Haha! It’s actually in the works. Love you. x


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