Kids “Stained Glass” Window

This weekend it was freezing in New York. Freezing. My pet Unicorn decided to head out of town and over to the Cotton Candy Kingdom to visit her parents for days. I wish I could have taken a few days off and went with her– it is always summer there. But alas… I could not. On Saturday afternoon one of my best little kid friends came over to hang out and to be creative with me. She is the best. We decided to make a “stained glass window” in my living room. I must say… I love it! If you are not afraid of a little mess and have the patience for cleaning your windows when you are done enjoying it, then this is a great project for you!

IMG_0071   IMG_0076   IMG_0094


There is what you will need:

– A water soluble clear glue

– Colored tissue paper

– Coffee Filters

– Markers

– Water in spray bottle

– Scissors

– Newspaper (or something to use as a drop cloth)

STEP ONE: Tie-dye Circles 

photo 4   IMG_0074   photo

 1.) Using the markers, draw a pattern on each of your coffee filters.

2.) Spray your coffee filter with water using your spray bottle. This will make your colors run and create your turkey/s magic tail feathers.

3.) Place your filters somewhere to dry… they will be messy. I used a paper plate under each of them. Paper towels or newspaper will work fine as well.)

STEP TWO: Collage Window

1.) Rip up different colors of tissue paper in different sizes.

2.) Use your scissors to cut out a few different shapes.

3.) Using you water soluble clear glue to stick your tie-dye circles randomly around your window.

IMG_0070   IMG_0069

4.) Use your tissue paper and glue to fill in all of the space in-between your circles until the whole window is filled.

Beautiful! Now, kick back and enjoy your gorgeous new Kids “Stained Glass” Window. 

image1 IMG_0072

(Note: Over time the tissue paper will begin to fade from the sunlight– leave it up as long as you’d like.)


Removing your stained glass window:

Fill a bowl with very warm water and soak a cloth. I pulled off as much tissue paper as I could before hand and then generously sprayed Windex all over the excess glue on the window. I let it soak for about 5 minutes and then began to wipe with the warm wet cloth. Repeat this until all the glue has been removed. It may take some time. Mine came off easier than I expected. 

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