Journey To Motherhood

{A note from Nickey: I met Enid at my church while living in New York City and have always been drawn to her artistic and authentic nature. She is beautiful inside and out, and I am honored that she is sharing her journey to motherhood. Enjoy!}


When my husband and I first found out we were pregnant after being married for about a year and a half, we were over the moon excited! Both of us had lived hard and fast lives in our younger years and we secretly held some fears in our hearts that maybe we wouldn’t be able to have kids as a result. So when we first heard the baby’s heartbeat and were given a due date, we just stared at each other, grinning from ear to ear. Three days later, I miscarried in the early morning hours and lost the baby. The physical pain was excruciating but even more so, was the emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Our hearts were truly broken yet my sweet husband was so tender and loving. He was trying to be strong and encouraging even as he was dealing with the pain of loss.

I remember sobbing uncontrollably and crying out to God, making a swift decision that I wasn’t going to blame Him for this loss, but still choose to believe His promise from 18 years earlier that I would one day have a family of my own. Thankfully, our doctor was incredibly encouraging too. He told us that since we were able to get pregnant with no intervention that we had beat the statistics already. He was also very confident that after three months, we could try again and that my second pregnancy had a 95% chance of being successful. What we didn’t know was that exactly three months after the miscarriage, we were pregnant again. And of all dates, we had conceived on Valentine’s Day.


The first trimester was miserable, the second was as if I wasn’t pregnant at all. I even traveled with some friends to a conference in California and had the most amazing time. Then, as we were about to head out of town for a long Labor Day weekend, I discovered some blood and called the doctor who asked us to go to the hospital immediately. It was a good thing that we did because we found out I was having contractions and that our baby was going to make his entrance at 30 weeks instead. A preemie doctor came in and explained all that would happen once he was born. However, none of it would come to pass because my contractions stopped suddenly and the cervix grew back, a phenomena that the doctors couldn’t explain. But my husband and I both knew that God had done a miracle to keep our baby in the oven for longer. The only downside was that I was on bed rest for those last 10 weeks.


One day earlier than his expected due date, our son finally came into the world after 13 hours of labor and an emergency c-section. He has been and will always continue to be the light of our lives. He is a joy and wonder to know and people including complete strangers in our neighborhood will call him the mayor because he’s always smiling, waving at, saying “Hi!”, or blowing kisses. We really can’t imagine our lives without him and don’t recall what life was like beforehand. Recently, my husband made a comment that sent waves of electricity throughout my body. He said that if we hadn’t had the miscarriage, our son wouldn’t exist. He’s so right! It’s truly profound to think of it that way. But that’s how God works. He always brings forth His promises in His perfect timing because He knows what is to come.


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Enid loves to help activate women to believe for the impossible, to believe in a very Good God to do the unimaginable. She does this through storytelling of ordinary women doing extraordinary things all around the world. These inspirational stories can be found at ImperishableBeauty.Org, a non-profit organization she founded in March 2016. She is mom to an almost 2-year-old boy who releases joy and wonder wherever he goes. She and the love of her life, Vladimir, whom she calls her hunky Serbian husband live in New York City. Aside from being mom, wife, writing, and working full-time, she likes to watch the sunrise every morning and pray. She is addicted to Barre classes to work on her core and loves reading a really good book while drinking her Rooibos tea. She graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with bachelor degrees in international affairs and journalism, and later, attained her masters degree in teaching from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

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