Homemade Window Stickers

Today me and my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, went on a trip to the Cotton Candy Kingdom (where she grew up) to visit her friends and family. They are always doing all sorts of magical favors for us. For example, remember that one time that Sprinkles was having sleepless nights due to being afraid of monsters/nightmares and they helped me make Monster Spray and Magic Milk Potions to help her rest well at night? Not to mention all of the holiday perks we get from being friends with all the famous holiday icons. Well, it was time for us to return the favor.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but the citizens of the Cotton Candy Kingdom are totally fascinated by plain old, simple, orindary things. I mean… I guess if you think about it, it does make sense. They are surrounded my magical thing so much that magic just become the ordinary to them. So we decided to teach them a super simple craft. Seriously though–this could possibly be the easiest craft I have ever posted. Ever.

We taught them to make homemade window stickers. You simply draw something out of puff paints onto a ziplock baggie (freezer sized is nice to work on, but any size will due) and let your drawings dry overnight. That’s it! Then peel your homemade window stickers off of your ziplock bag and press them to the window of your choosing.

It’s so simple that I don’t even think you need a tutorial! So here are some pictures of what Sprinkles and the Toothy Fairy came up with:

IMG_9309   IMG_9310

IMG_9313 IMG_9312

IMG_9321 IMG_9322


Have fun! If you Instagram your window creations and would like to share them with me, make sure to hashtag #colorsaremagic  :)

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