Homemade Snow

I grew up in Alaska. Yes, Alaska. There were always an ample amount of snowy days in the year to indulge my childhood imagination in. My brother and I used to have the best time in the snow! We would build tunnels, snow forts, villages, armies of snowmen– and one year our dad even shoveled our roof… and the pile reached the second story of our house! We spent the our whole weekends sledding from the upstair deck and loving our lives. Good times. It’s hard to realize how cool it is to have something around all the time until you don’t have it anymore. Then I moved to Australia. Then LA. I began to miss the snow. I know those days were pre Sprinkles (my pet unicorn). She and I hadn’t run into each other in New York yet. But I have to tell you…. they were magical in their own special way. There’s really nothing like the magic of childhood.

So I decided I needed to find a solution to bring a little snow fun to my snowless days. If you are living in Florida, Bali, Hawaii, India…. or somewhere else on globe that is not notorious for snow– let me help you out. (If you live in Canada and still want to make some homemade snow… I don’t judge you. I am in Colorado and I still enjoyed my batch.)


Here is what you’ll need:

– 3 cups of Baking Soda

– 1/2 cup Sauve Conditioner (white)

– Iridescent glitter

– Sensory Bin (or large Tupperware)

Optional: Tiny trinkets to play in your snow or decorate any homemade snowmen :)


I would give you detailed instructions on how to make your Homemade Snow, but you literally just combine the 3 ingredients into your sensory bin and knead together. Done. (I chose coconut Suave for mine as I have a coconut obsession and now my hands smell like a tropical paradise. Just make sure you get a white conditioner so your snow doesn’t look another color.)

Obviously, if you don’t have glitter at home, you can still do this project. One of my favorite parts of snow is how it glitters and sparkles in the sunlight. So glitter is a must for me. 😉

IMG_6435 IMG_6437

Now it’s time to play! Let your imagination run wild!

IMG_6433   IMG_6436

I made a little snowman and did some magic wand printing in my batch of Homemade Snow. Just call me Elsa. You can do what ever floats your boat. I think it would be fun make a little forrest. Maybe you could get some toy trees and different kinds of plastic animals and make tracks in the snow. Or, maybe you could get out some toy cars and snowmobiles (it felt wrong to even write that… in Alaska we call them snow machines. Ha) and drive them through your snow. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it!

Happy December.  Guess-Up-Emoji-Winter

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