Heart Attack

If you are looking for a fun way to surprise a loved one for Valentine’s Day… look no further. This year instead of picking up a card at Walgreen’s, why not try setting up a “Heart Attack”? It’s pretty self explanatory– simply cover a place in hearts. I did my family’s front lawn/porch, but you can do your Heart Attack anywhere. You can try your friend’s car, your wife’s office, if you are a teacher you could Heart Attack your classroom… let your imagination go wild.

There is really no wrong way to do a Heart Attack. Here is how I did my “Heart Attack” to give you a little inspiration…

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To make my “Heart Pops” as I have been referring to them as… I simply bought a few packets of foam hearts from Hobby Lobby and used clear shipping tape to apply a wooden skewer to each back. I made about 100 of them and stuck them all over the lawn  and in two large planters on the porch.


Making a Heart Chain out of pipe cleaner is simple. All you need is piper cleaner! Start by taking the color of you choice and bending it in half. the point that forms from your bend is the bottom of you heart. Simply curl each of the side inward and twist together in the center. Viola! You have a heart. Now slide the next pipe cleaner through the heart you have made and continue doing this until you chain the length you desire. I bought 2 packs Valentine pipe cleaners from Hobby Lobby to make this particular chain. It took me 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls to make it… :) So, if you are planning n making a super long one like I did… make sure you have ample time!

IMG_8256 IMG_8259

And of course… I did leave some sweet and edible hearts. Heart shaped lollipops and candy hearts. It is Valentine’s Day after all.


Here are a few snaps of the finished product!

IMG_8255 IMG_8253

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


PS: I would love to see your Heart Attacks! If you upload them, use the hashtag #colorsaremagic so I can find you!

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