Grow A Rainbow

You maybe wondering where rainbows actually come from.  I know in school they tell you that rain and sunlight equal rainbows… but I am here to tell you that there is more to it. As many of you know, I have a pet unicorn named Sprinkles. She is the best. One of the perks of having a magical creature living under your roof is the getting to go on vacations to where they grew up. She is from the Cotton  Candy Kingdom (where her parents are the king and queen- another perk). One day she took me to their magical botanical garden and I was mesmerized by what I saw.

All over the garden there were rainbows in full bloom… yes, growing from the ground! They seemed to be a brighter than the rainbows I was accustomed to seeing on earth. They even sparkled! Sprinkles explained to me the the rainbow’s roots are what humans seein the sky on Earth. The rainbow seed is planted in the magical soil and as the roots begin to take form they show up in the Earth’s sky. That’s why the rainbow seemed more spectacular in the Cotton Candy Kingdom… because I had only even seen roots.

Unfortunately there is no magic soil here on Earth so the rainbow seeds won’t actually grow here… but don’t let that stop you! Here is a fun way to “grow” your own rainbows with your kiddos without even taking a trip to the Cotton Candy Kingdom.


Here’s what you’ll need…


A Small Jar

Small Planting Pots

Potting Soil

Tooth Picks

Glue or Tape

Cotton Balls


Watercolor paper

Letter Stickers

Rainbow Stickers (Optional)

Let’s get started…

Do this first step on your own. You don’t want the kiddos to see!

1.) Get out those beautiful watercolors and paint yourself a vibrant rainbow! I did this first so that my rainbow had time to dry while I did each of the other steps.


2.) Time to make your “Rainbow Seeds” :) . Put your Nerds candy into a small jar- I layered mine into the band of the rainbow & loved the way that it turned out. If you don;t have Nerds, you can use Skittles or M & M’s as well. I used very small pots and the Nerds were the perfect “seed” size.


3.) Finish making that sweet little rainbow. Carefully cut it out and using a glue-stick, stick some cotton ball clouds on each end. I “fluffed” mine a bit to make them look more real. Then, glue or tape a tooth pick the back of each of your rainbow’s ends.

4.) Hide the rainbow and let your littles plant their “Rainbow Seeds”. If you are feeling really ambitious, make a little spray bottle full of colored water and let them water their rainbow seeds for a few days before letting it sprout. :)


5. After your kiddos go to bed “plant” the rainbow into their planting pots. One end in each pot. When they wake up, they will be thrilled to see their colorful rainbow in full bloom.



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