Grow A Candy Cane

A few days ago my pet unicorn and I had to run a couple of errands in the Cotton Candy Kingdom. There are some things that you just can’t get for unicorns in Manhattan. Anyhow, while we were there picking up a carton of  “Magic Milk Potion” and a bouquet of rainbows, we stumbled across something amazing. Candy Garden seeds. Seriously. They had a seed for basically any candy you could think of. All you had to do was buy the seeds and concockt the proper watering potion. Simple! We decided that since it is Christmas time that we would buy a packet of Candy Cane seeds to grow on the window sill of our apartment. It “bloomed” beautifully.

If you would like to create the same magic of growing your own Candy Cane at Christmas time without traveling to the Cotton Candy Kingdom… Here is what you’ll need to do:


What you’ll need:

– 1 Flower pot

– Potting soil

– 1 Candy Cane

– 1 Small candy cane striped mint

– Spray bottle


-Red food coloring

– Flower pot paint and paint brush

What to do:

IMG_7557 IMG_7282 IMG_7556

1.) Let your kiddos paint the outside of their planter.

2.) Fill your planter with potting soil.

3.) Unwrap your candy striped mint and let your child plant it in the potting soil.

4.) Fill your spray bottle up with water and add 5 drops of red food coloring.

5.) Let your kids water the “candy seed” with the spray bottle.

6.) When your kids go to bed replace the candy seed with a full size Candy Cane. Over the period of 3-4 days, pull your Candy Cane out of the potting soil a little bit more until it is “fully bloomed”. Your kids will love watching the Candy Cane grow each day.







  1. too cute! I love this.. too bad I just saw it :)


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