Just a little glimpse into some of my summer vacation! Missing you all… but loving the rest. I hope you are all having fun and colorful summers! (Or winters… whichever hemisphere you may live in. 😉 )


We went on a hike into the color green, as the clock struck 4:15.

Our backpacks filled with water and treats. And hiking shoes on most of our feets.

Waterfalls here and there…. lush green forest everywhere.

Ferns that carpet the forest floor and mossy logs to go explore.

Green above, green below, green reflects on water that flows.

Green frogs sitting on moss covered logs, their musical number filling the bogs.

To a waterfall we hiked, where our selfies got lots of “likes”.

Through the lush green forest we marched singing until your throats were parched.

As the sun began to set green leafs form silhouettes.

Our hike was over and it was a dream…

All because of the color green.

By: Nickey & Sarah (and Uncle Dave) 😉




3 pool stairs

If you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania, you should totally check out Rickett’s Glen State Park. It’s magic.

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