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Valentines Day is in 2 weeks, and there has been a lot of Valentine themed craft making going on around my apartment. So Saturday night after the all the kids had gone home for the bedtime routine, one of my best little friends and I snuck over to a park in Brooklyn and decorated it with free valentines and gifts for them to find in the morningIt was all 100% candy free and 100% colorful fun.

We used the crafts that I have been making the past week or so and turned them into Valentines and ornaments. I have linked each project to this post so you can make some fun Valentine themed crafts too.


Cupid’s Snot

image3 image1   image2

If you would like to surprise your neighborhood too, simply apply a string to the back of your Cupid’s Snot heart box with a hot glue gun.


Melt My Heart(s)

  image2   image1   image4

IMG_0091   IMG_0090   IMG_0089

For my “Melt My Heart(s)” crayons, I painted heart cut outs and decorated them with pom-poms to create a display ornament. Then I simply used a hole punch a string to make it hangable and wrote “You Color My World” on them. To apply the crayons I put a dab of hot glue on one side and pressed them to the ornament (Honestly, I wish I would have bought a some little craft baggies to stuck them in and apply to the ornaments, but this worked too.).


Heart Chains


Making a Heart Chain out of pipe cleaner is simple. All you need is piper cleaner! Start by taking the color of you choice and bending it in half. the point that forms from your bend is the bottom of you heart. Simply curl each of the side inward and twist together in the center. Viola! You have a heart. Now slide the next pipe cleaner through the heart you have made and continue doing this until you chain the length you desire.


Valentine Glow Sticks    


I also bought some glow sticks that came with little messages slipped around them for Valentines Day. They said “Valentine, You Make Me Glow” so if you cannot find pre-made Valentine glow sticks, you can make some cute messages yourself. I decided to also mount these on heart cut outs as I had some lefts overs. For these hearts I used Mod Podge and glitter to make them super sparkly and fun. Then I used my hole punch to make hole for the hanging string and for slipping the glow sticks through.


The world could use a little more kindness. Why not use this Valentines Day to spread a little love and kindness to the people in your world? It could be a great way to meet and build relationship with your neighbors or simply to give some anonymous love. I hope that the kids were surprised and loved the treasures we left them in the park.

IMG_0096 IMG_0100 IMG_0099   IMG_0097

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Remember, you are so loved and you are enough. 


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