Fairy Kissed Roses

Once, while taking my pet unicorn to visit her family in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, I noticed something very wonderful. Outside of each house in the unicorn neighborhood were all sorts of gorgeous flowers…. some were so bright that I thought wearing a pair of sunnies may be a wise decision. I do have human eyes after all. Of all the beautiful flowers there, one type caught my eye. The roses. They were not just your average run of the mill roses…. their edges were beautiful colors. They were not like the flowers who’s colors were so bright that they glowed. They were not 10 feet tall or blowing glitter in the wind. They were just….. lovely. I asked my unicorn if there was a way to find a packet of seeds in the Cotton Candy Kingdom so that I may be able to plant some of these beauties in New York. She told me that these actually were just regular white roses that she brought for her mother from New York for “Unicorn Mothers Day”. She said that fairies had come into the garden at night and kissed the edges of each petal. Fairy kisses are magic. When they kiss something it leaves behind a sort of rainbow airbrush effect on wherever the kiss lands. 

Well, I knew that there was no way for me to find a fairy in New York. I mean… there is a good chance that there could be at least one hiding in Central Park at night, but if a fairy doesn’t want to be found… she will not be found. So I went home and experimented on some white roses from the bodega across the street and I found a way to achieve the same look (without finding a fairy). 

If you would like to make some Fairy Kiss Roses for your mom (or anyone you love) I know of a way to help you achieve the very same effect. Just scroll down and have a look. Happy coloring!



Here is what you need:

– White Roses

– 4-6 Glasses (Depending on how many colors you would like)

– Water

– Food Coloring

– 1 tsp White Vinegar (will help with the boldness of color)

– 2 tsp Sugar (will help extend the life of your roses)

– Scissors

– Cutting Board

– Razor Knife

– Tape or String

Let’s get started!

1.) Start by removing all leafs and thorns from roses.


2.) Fill each of the glasses 3/4 full of water.

3.) Add 1 tsp of white vinegar to each glass of water.

4.) Add 2 tsp of sugar to each glass of water.

5.) Add 40-50 drops of food coloring into each glass and stir.


6.) Trim rose stems at an angle. I cut off about 1/3 of the stems.


7.) Using your Razor Knife make small incisions down the rose’s stem. Then join them together to cut the stem into separated sections.


8.) Place the different sections of the stem into seperate colors. I only cut my stems in half and divided between two colors each. I also trimmed a few of the roses at an angle and did not separate into sections so that I would get a few solid colored roses in my bouquet. I was able to easily tangle up my roses to up without using any string or tape, as the bottles I used were secure in the little crate. You may need to use tape or string around the bunch of roses to help provide extra support. They will be a little top heavy after slicing the stems.


Wait at least 24 hours for your roses to drink up their rainbow cocktails. It is fun to watch their progression. Here are some photos of my roses at 10 & 24 hours:

image1   image1   image

    Beautiful! Now give them to someone you love or display them ever so proudly.


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