Cupid’s Garden

The aisles at every grocery store in town are full of chocolates, hearts and candy… you know what that means– Valentine’s Day is upon us.

A few months ago while on a long weekend to the Cotton Candy Kingdom (CCK), my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, I ran into Cupid. When it’s not Valentine’s Day, he spends his time planting a giant lollipop garden in the CCK. Where do you think all of that Valentine’s candy comes from? Anyhow, it got me thinking and I came up with a fun Valentine activity to do with your own little cherubs. Perhaps it will become a new Valentine tradition in your family. :)

Here’s what you’ll need:

Small Flower Pot

Potting Soil

Candy Hearts

Heart Shaped Lollipops

Small Plastic Jewelry Bags


Blank Labels

IMG_8140   IMG_8143

Let’s get started!

1.) To get started, make some “Cupid’s Seeds” bags for your kiddos. I used small plastic jewelry baggies from Michael’s. Simply place a few candy hearts in the each baggie and make a label to stick on the front. Viola.


2.) I used a chalkboard flower pot for my Cupid’s garden and a chalkboard marker to decorate it. You can make project out of it and have your little ones each decorate their own flower pot. They actually sell special paint specifically for painting on flower pots.

3.) The night before Valentine’s Day, have your kids open their “Cupid’s Seeds” and plant a candy heart in their flower pot. Make sure to place the flower pots on a windowsill so Cupid can find them and


4.) After your kids are in bed and sound asleep, remove the candy hearts from their pots, and replace them with heart shaped lollipops. You can leave them wrapped.. I opened mine because I think it looks cute. Ha! Your little ones will be so excited to wake up to their magical and delicious gardens!

  IMG_8144 IMG_8141

 I hope you have an awesome Valentine’s Day surrounded by love and topped with piles of chocolate & candy.



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