Creating with Candy

Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles! I am Nickey’s pet unicorn, and the intern here at, Colors Are Magic.

Today I want to talk about…CANDY! I am sure that you have been seeing more of it than you wish to around your house due to Valentine’s Day… and guess what? Easter is just around the corner! So I thought it would be great to put together a little post about some fun ways you can use up that candy with your kids without having to consume all of it. Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only parent who sneaks a taste of their kid’s candy when they are sleeping. I know many of them!

I have to say…candy is pretty. It just is. All those colors, shapes, and patterns. Not to mention the amazing smells. It is basically art already… so why not create out of it? Here are some of my favorite ways to create with candy! (Just click on the project link to find the tutorial for your project of choice.)

Magic Marshmallow Paint

This is hands down my favorite candy paint. It’s so fun (and therapeutic) to spread around on your paper, and when it dry is turns into this really cool glossy texture. It is sticky and messy– so make sure your cover your table and your kiddos properly.

IMG_7292 IMG_7677

Laffy Taffy Finger Paints

These are a great option if you have a baby at home who wants to join in the fun as well! Everything in them is edible, so you don’t have to worry about baby putting their little fingers in the their mouth. I am a sucker for banana Laffy Taffy– so the yellow finger paints were my favorite. They smell delightful!

IMG_8495 IMG_8492

Skittles Watercolors

Skittles are Nickey’s favorite kind of candy. Their catch phrase is “taste the rainbow”… so I suppose that makes perfect sense. These paints are very fun and dry glossy! They are incredibly easy to make and totally worth it.

IMG_8477 IMG_8475

Nerds Garden

This is a super easy (and relatively clean) candy project. We made garden’s out of our Nerds… but you really could try anything. Next time we are thinking of making rainbow rain, stars, fireworks, and maybe even Dalmatians! Let your imagination fly.

IMG_8500 IMG_8499

Gumball Art

This is a wonderful sensory play for preschool/kindergarteners who know not to put things in their mouths. Your older kids will love it to. I actually did this one with Nickey’s younger step-sister who is in high school, and even she enjoyed it. It’s pretty therapeutic to roll the gum balls around and watch their little color trails. You can also use the left over colored water as watercolor paints. Simply grab a paintbrush!

IMG_7992 IMG_7986

Pixy Stix Watercolors

If you don’t feel like clicking on the link to this tutorial… let me fill you in: Pixy Stix + water = paints. The end. They are lovely colors and dry nicely.

IMG_8806 IMG_8481

I hope you have a wonderful and sweet time creating with your kids and their candy. :) See you next week!

Love, Sprinkles

:) :) :)

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