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  • Christmas Sensory Bin

    I just love the smell of peppermint. Seriously. It makes my heart glad that Christmas is the perfect excuse to use it all month…. in everything. So, while sucking on a candy cane the other afternoon I decided that the scent of peppermint was a great basis for a new sensory play activity. Life is short– let’s get messy! This particular sensory play is not best for babies as they may try and eat the shaving cream– I set it up for a 3 year old and a preschooler (they loved it!).

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  • Blizzard Paint

    I loved making snowmen as a child. Ok, you got me… I still love it. I am not going to lie though… I would get pretty sad when the sun would come out and melt my hard work and frozen friend.

    Last year I took Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) out to build her first snowman. It was fabulous. I am pretty sure we spent a full two hours perfectly crafty and styling him. The next morning we came out to find a puddle, with a hat and scarf sitting in the middle. I think a squirrel may have eaten his carrot nose. Sprinkles was devastated. I guess I didn’t give her enough warning on what happens to snowmen. All of a sudden she pointed her horn at the ground and zapped it. It turned into a sparkly foamy substance. “It’s Blizzard Paint.” she said. Boom.

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  • Melted Crayon Ornaments

    Christmas is just around the corner and Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) and I have been busy trimming the tree and decorating our house. As we were stringing our tree with some beautifully bright lights, we realized… we forgot to pick up some ball ornaments. So instead of running to the crowded store full of holiday shoppers…. we decided to make some homemade ornaments for our tree. Colorful of course. I had a package of clear empty ornaments from a craft last year so we thought it would be perfect. Look at how pretty they are:

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  • 12 Cookie Exchange Ideas

    I love family traditions. Growing up we had some fun Christmas traditions– and they seemed to make Christmas just a little more magic. Some of our traditions were to pick an angel off the tree and buy a gift for a child in need, get hot chocolates and look at all of the beautiful lights, and picking one gift to open on Christmas Eve.  Now that we are grown up and my brother is engaged, we decided to start some new traditions. So, this weekend I was apart of my very first Christmas cookie bake/exchange! My future sister-in-law had all of the girls get together and spend the afternoon making delicious treats. It was even snowing… #christmasmagic. I am looking forward to the second annual Sutton-Andree Cookie Exchange :)

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  • Hot Chocolate Clay

    It was an extremely windy day here in the Colorado Springs area yesterday. I don’t love windy days. I love rainy days, snowy days, even slightly breezey days…. but the windy ones can just take a hike. It messes up my hair… and the most annoying of all, it makes my hair stick to my lipgloss. Needless to say, I decided to keep Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) and I in last night. We decided to make some homemade clay with items we had around laying around the house. And of course, like all cold or windy nights, we whipped up some hot chocolate. We will take any excuse we can to make hot chocolate (cover in whip cream and sprinkled in mini marshmallows). YUM.

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  • Homemade Snow

    I grew up in Alaska. Yes, Alaska. There were always an ample amount of snowy days in the year to indulge my childhood imagination in. My brother and I used to have the best time in the snow! We would build tunnels, snow forts, villages, armies of snowmen– and one year our dad even shoveled our roof… and the pile reached the second story of our house! We spent the our whole weekends sledding from the upstair deck and loving our lives. Good times. It’s hard to realize how cool it is to have something around all the time until you don’t have it anymore. Then I moved to Australia. Then LA. I began to miss the snow. I know those days were pre Sprinkles (my pet unicorn). She and I hadn’t run into each other in New York yet. But I have to tell you…. they were magical in their own special way. There’s really nothing like the magic of childhood.

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  • Blessing Tree

    Happy Thanksgiving, every one! I am sure that by now you are all full of turkey and mashed potatoes (and perhaps laying on a couch watching football or a Christmas movie.) Wherever you are, or whatever you did, I hope that you had a beautiful day counting your blessings and eating yummy dinner with your family and friends. (I am not gonna lie… it maybe time to go pull the pumpkin pie back out and nibble.)

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  • The Kids Table

    I am not sure who was the original brain behind the concept of “the kids table” at Thanksgiving…. but they should have another holiday purely to honor their brilliant idea. Maybe it was just because there simply isn’t enough room at most tables to fit the kids well— but I would like to think that something as great as the kids table was an intentional concept.

    The kids table was the always the place to be on Thanksgiving. That’s were siblings and cousins unite to discuss the important things in life. You know, like what you were asking Santa for, your tactic for stealing extra dessert while the adult were cleaning up, or how you were going to convince your parents to let your cousins have a Thanksgiving sleeep-over. I remember one year my older cousin, Tommy, graduated to the grown ups table and even though I knew I loved the kids table, I whined until my mother made a makeshift spot for me between my dad and grandma. The grass was not greener on the other side.

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  • Harvest Dough

    Play dough! I absolutely love it. Autumn! I also absolutley love it. When you combine the two, the product is so good it makes my heart what to explode. This year Sprinkles and I decided to combine some season spices and such to create some wonderful smelling play doughs! Here are some of our favorite fall play doughs (aka “Harvest Doughs”). They smell amazing and one of them even sparkles! Your kids are sure to have fun playing with their special Harvest Doughs… and you will have time to clean up all of the Thanksgiving dinner dishes. Everyone wins.

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  • Thankful Jar

    I love Thanksgiving. Besides the fact that the dinner is delicious (so delicious)– I love that there is a holiday that gives me the opportunity to teach the importance of thankfulness to the little ones in my life. Let’s face it… there is quite a lot of entitlement going around these days– so it is great to remember to keep thankfulness at the forefront. This year, Sprinkles and I came up with this simple project to help your family count their blessings. We are going to give it a try as well.

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