Activities & Crafts

  • Science Paint

    My pet unicorn, Sprinkles has always had a knack for science. She was always at the top of her class in the Cotton Candy Kingdom (CCK). Now, science in the CCK is very different than it is here- their experiments often lead to creating magical potions and some experiments actually come life! It’s so cool. One time Sprinkles and I went over to her friend’s place to tutor his little brother with science fair project. We mixed some singing flowers, fairy dust, river soda and mermaid scales together in little jars and we created… Science Paint! It was crazy beautiful… AND everything that we painted with it came to life or would begin to sing songs. Basically the coolest thing ever.

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  • Unicorn Spit Coasters

    I know this may sound like a gross question… but have any of you ever seen unicorn spit? It’s  so pretty! So is their snot…. check out this post if you don’t believe me. Basically everything that my pet unicorn Sprinkles, does is beautiful. One evening after whipping up some homemade spaghetti I noticed from my kitchen view that Sprinkles was licking her plate clean. I took it as a compliment and let her go. Who needs manners on a Saturday night when you’re home in your sweats? Not us. When she brought the plate to the sink I stopped her from tossing it to soak in the sink. I had never noticed how pretty her spit was before! Swirling rainbow colors almost creating a tie dye effect were all over her white plate. Well of course colors are always getting my Colors Are Magic wheels turning so here is a way that you can make magical coasters that look like unicorn spit…. even if you don’t have a unicorn. 😉

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  • Running Rainbows

    Rainbows make my heart happy. That is probably not a surprise to any of you… the blog is called Colors Are Magic. Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) requires lots of different rainbow treats to keep her healthy. Just looking at lots of colors has a healthy effect on her. It’s kind of like taking vitamins. We are always looking for colorful ways to use our creativity (and in the process, keep my unicorn healthy). :) I am sure your kiddos will love doing this “science experiment” and watching rainbows begin to form and run. If you are having a rainy day and need to cure some cabin fever, this project is a perfect way to bring a little color to your little’s gray day.

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  • Enchanted Bath Fizzies

     Over the past 12+ years as a nanny, bath time has either been loved or loathed by the children that I care for. I am always up for some fun ways to make bath time more fun (especially for the littles who don’t care for it.) This project is just the ticket! Plus it’s all natural and full of soothing essential oils. Perfect!


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  • Fossilized Dino Eggs

    Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles. For those of you who are new to the blog, I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and the intern here at Colors Are Magic. I am so happy that I get to share this post with you!

    Summer vacation is upon us! If you are living in another hemisphere, ignore that statement.  😉 I know it is currently not summer or winter where I from. The Cotton Candy Kingdom is a magical land and it is currently fall there. All of the Gum-ball Trees are currently dropping their delicious bubble gum. Anyhow- If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere on planet read more

  • Magic Melting Griddle Art

    Happy Meltdown Monday, everyone! It’s so nice to have a happy thing on a Monday (… oh, Monday.) Today we made Magic Melting Griddle Art, and it was magnificent!

    Here’s what you’ll need:



    Hot Pads



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  • Seaside Sensory Bottle

    I have always been slightly obsessed with the ocean. When I was a toddler I would physically shake from excitement when I would see water… even if was only a mud puddle. As I got into second grade Free Willy became my favorite move… and Orcas, my favorite animal. I may or not not have done a skit for my second grade class where I was Jesse and my friend was Willy the whale. Classic. Anyhow, the ocean has always had my heart. I decided that this sensory bottle project should be ocean themed and it turned out sweet!

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  • Creative Outdoor Sensory Play!

    I started putting together this post because the weather in Colorado was beautiful yesterday. It felt like summer was here to stay and play. Then… at about 8pm last night I found out that we are having a blizzard. Starting tomorrow. Oh my goodness. I am not sure who ticked off Elsa, but we are in the process of making our “Blizzard Grocery List” for the weekend. So, to those of you in places where it feels like summer and are blizzard free– this is for you. I will live vicariously through you.

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  • Magic Crayon Salt Dough

    One of our favorite things to do at Colors Are Magic is to meltdown crayons. There are so many more possibilities than just coloring in the lines when it comes to a pack of crayons– although we do love to color. :) Here is one of my favorite ways to meltdown crayons.

    Note: This craft I would recommend for older children as they will need to be able to color on the very warm dough without burning themselves. Make sure you supervise this project. 

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  • Creating with Cars

    The past few years all of my nanny kids have been girls. I used to have loads of boys. But lately all of my crafts have been full of unicorns, hearts and glitter. Which don’t get me wrong… I LOVE. Well, now I have a nephew. So I have been thinking about fun things that I could do with him as he gets older that are slightly less girly. I know it’ll be quite a wait (he is only 2 weeks old)… but I can dream. Of course if you have little girls– they can totally do these projects too! I liked playing with cars when I was little too. :)

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