Blizzard Paint

I loved making snowmen as a child. Ok, you got me… I still love it. I am not going to lie though… I would get pretty sad when the sun would come out and melt my hard work and frozen friend.

Last year I took Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) out to build her first snowman. It was fabulous. I am pretty sure we spent a full two hours perfectly crafty and styling him. The next morning we came out to find a puddle, with a hat and scarf sitting in the middle. I think a squirrel may have eaten his carrot nose. Sprinkles was devastated. I guess I didn’t give her enough warning on what happens to snowmen. All of a sudden she pointed her horn at the ground and zapped it. It turned into a sparkly foamy substance. “It’s Blizzard Paint.” she said. Boom.

 Now your little ones can make snowmen and flakes that won’t melt! Thank you, Sprinkles. She gave me a recipe for human to use (since we don;t have magical horns). You should totally give it a try!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Barbasol Shaving Cream

– Elmer’s White Glue

– Peppermint Oil or Extract

– Iridescent Glitter

Let’s get started…

1. Squeeze some of your Elmer’s Glue into a bowl.


2. Add an equal amount of Barbasol Shaving Cream into the blow with the glue.


3. Add a few drops of your peppermint oil or extract.

4. Mix together until you are able to form little “peaks’ with your paint.

5. Add glitter and have fun painting!

IMG_6648 IMG_6659

Here are some of the creations that Sprinkles and I made with our Blizzard Paint :) We used little knick knacks like pompoms and googly eyes to help our snowmen come life.

IMG_6661   IMG_6646   IMG_6660

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