Blessing Tree

Happy Thanksgiving, every one! I am sure that by now you are all full of turkey and mashed potatoes (and perhaps laying on a couch watching football or a Christmas movie.) Wherever you are, or whatever you did, I hope that you had a beautiful day counting your blessings and eating yummy dinner with your family and friends. (I am not gonna lie… it maybe time to go pull the pumpkin pie back out and nibble.)

This year for Thanksgiving, I wanted to leave out some “blessings” in my community… so I decided to make a “Blessing Tree”.  It was very cold decorating it… but totally worth it. :) You should try it. You could wait until next Thanksgiving… but you don’t need to– blessings are always a good idea!

You can use whatever you’d like to make your “blessings”. Sprinkles and I decided to use some Thanksgiving foam cutouts that we found at Michael’s. They were super easy to write on with Sharpies and were a little more durable than paper for the November weather here in Colorado. We wrote a blessing on each individual cutout and then made a hole in each of them with a single hole punch. Finally, we used twine to make them into “ornaments” and hung them on a tree in a local park.

Here are a few shots of our Blessing Tree.

IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6175 IMG_6171 IMG_6174   image1

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