15 Nanny Hacks

Let’s face it, raising tiny humans is one of the most exhausting (and the most completely rewarding) things ever. After being a full-time nanny for 11 years, I have picked up some tricks to help me through the day… hacks if you will. Also, when Pinterest became the “thing” it was so nice to be able and see what tricks other nannies, mommies, daddies, and teachers had up their sleeves.

Here is a list of hacks that I have either found, used, or created myself. Enjoy!


Wash toys in the dishwasher – This has saved me a lot of time. When watching multiple children, there are often not many minutes to spare on washing a mountain of baby toys. Here is the solution:


Backward PJs – This is technique I have used quite a few times. I had a little boy who went through a season of ripping his diaper off every nap time and “decorating” the room with whatever treasure was hidden within it. I love art… but this was not my favorite genre. Who thought that something so simple could make things SO much better. If you also have a diaper ditcher– try this!


Shower caddies for car meals – If you are going to be on the road and need to feed your kids on the drive, make sure to stop by the dollar store and pick up a shower caddy first. It will save you a lot of the mess.


Pacifier storage – It seems that whenever I needed to find a pacifier, it was either lost in the depths of the diaper bag and no where to be found…. or it was just a filthy mess. This is little hack is brilliant– not only does it help you keep a better track of your binkies, but it keeps them nice and clean.


Potty training target for little boys – This is an adorable idea for potty training your little guys. I have not personally used this target technique, but I have used Cheerios. Yes, you heard me right…. Cheerios. Simply drop a couple of them into the potty and have your little guy aim, shoot, and try and sink them.

You can buy your own target right here!


Lego Organizer – I have seen many families I have used to work for use shoe caddies to organize things around their homes– but I have not personally helped use one as a lego caddy. It looks like an amazing idea though! I am all about organization. Nothing is more frustrating then not being able to find what I need… I do not cope well in clutter. If you have a little Lego fanatic… this may just be the hack for you.


Shoe Stickers – This brilliant idea is something that I have pinned for later when I am a parent. I am little bummed that I didn’t come up with it myself. I am sure that it saves so much time getting out the door in the mornings. I have had to switch little shoes around on many little feet.


Tag labels for sorting kids laundry – This little hack has saved me hours of my life. There comes a time when so many clothes look like they are the right size for more than one kid. I personally used the kids initials, but this totally works too! Just use a fabric safe permanent marker to make dots. If you have 3 kids, use one dot for your oldest, two for your middle, and 3 for your youngest. It’s pretty self explanatory.


Sweeping game – I believe in teaching kids about responsibility and being a part of the family at an early age. I have to be honest though… sometimes it is easier and quicker for me to just do the task myself. I have to remember to help teach little ones to help out around the house and have the patience as they learn. This is a great idea to make a game out of learning to sweep.


Lint rollers for cleaning up glitter – I pretty much love everything about glitter. It makes nearly everything look 5 times better than it did before. There is only one thing that complicates my relationship with glitter, and I am sure you can relate. The mess. Glitter has this talent of getting into literally everything— and just when you think you have finally got everything all to normal and in order again… you find more. Next time you are adding a little sparkle to a project with your kiddos, try using a lint roller to clean up the mess.


Designated cups – This is great idea I stumbled upon the other day. I know that in my experience, little ones can go through a lot of cups in a day. By a lot, I mean… like 1,003. Try getting each of them a designated cup and pop some magnets on the back. Then they can help themselves to water and can stick their cup to the fridge when they are all done. Good-bye loading the dishwasher up with 1,003 each night.


I’m Bored Jar – This is a hack I started using a few years ago and it really helps keep me sane. I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “I’m boooooored”…. especially in the summer. I am a firm believer that technology does not need to be our children’s babysitter every second of their free time (everything in moderation). Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common to see kids who do not know how to engage in activities other than their video games and iPads. The “I’m Bored Jar” is simple. When you hear that dreaded phrase, have your child draw out a stick from the jar and whatever activity is listed is what they will do. Check out my blog post for a little tutorial:


Monster Spray – This is a trick that I started doing a little while back. It not only helps drive out any fear of monsters under the bed, but the lavender oil in it helps to soothe and calm your sleepy child. I’m not gonna lie… I often spray my own pillows with this stuff before I go to sleep at night– I love lavender! Check out my blog for a little tutorial on how to make your very own Monster Spray.


Administering medication to infants – This little hack has been circulating around Pinterest for awhile. I wish I knew who was the original mastermind behind it. It has saved me many battles with little sick little bubbas at “medicine time”. Simple cut a little hole in the bottom of a newborn pacifier and insert your medicine dropper. As baby sucks, you squeeze. Done.


Popsicle drip catcher – I have not tried this yet… but I will be! What a great idea to keep the sweet and sticky off your kids hands and just in their mouths. Perfect.


I hope some of these will help you out little!

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