12 Cookie Exchange Ideas

I love family traditions. Growing up we had some fun Christmas traditions– and they seemed to make Christmas just a little more magic. Some of our traditions were to pick an angel off the tree and buy a gift for a child in need, get hot chocolates and look at all of the beautiful lights, and picking one gift to open on Christmas Eve.  Now that we are grown up and my brother is engaged, we decided to start some new traditions. So, this weekend I was apart of my very first Christmas cookie bake/exchange! My future sister-in-law had all of the girls get together and spend the afternoon making delicious treats. It was even snowing… #christmasmagic. I am looking forward to the second annual Sutton-Andree Cookie Exchange :)

While getting ready for yesterday I had complied a list of cookie ideas off of Pinterest. I wanted to try something new this year rather than my good old standbys; chocolate chip & sugar. So, here are some fun ideas for you try is you too will be busy jamming out to Holiday music and baking delicious treats the next couple of weeks!

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Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites from A Few Shortcuts.

I did make these at our cookie bake, and while I got extremely messy making them… I do love them.  If you love cheesecake, you will love them too.


Eggnog Cookies Coupon Cravings

I tried this one for our cookie exchange and they turned out nice. If you like eggnog– you will love them! These are light and fluffy and taste like Christmas :)


Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups from The Gunny Sack

How cute are these? I think that I may need to make some of them to leave out for the elves on Santa’s sleigh. I am sure they need a little sugar fix after working overtime for Santa.


Candy Cane Sugar Cookies from Art and the Kitchen

I thought these were a cute alternative to the classic sugar cookie. You should totally check out this site…. there goodies and food are gorgeous!


Candy Cane Cookies from Yummy Healthy Easy

I love peppermint! I have not ever made these, but I can imagine that I would love twisting them together. (I have great twisting skills from all of my Playdoh training as a nanny… ha!)


Christmas Cornflake Wreathes from Tastes Better From Scratch

My future sister-in-law’s mother make something very similar to this with Rice Krispies yesterday. They turned out really cute.


Candy Cane Blossoms from Cupcake Diaries

These remind me of Whoville. I just love Dr. Suess. I may need to whip up a batch of these and read How the Grinch Stole Christmas to my niece.


Chocolate Gingerbread Men with Candy Canes from Evermine

I love gingerbread men, but I thought these were especially cute since they were hugging candy canes.


Lump of Coal Cookies from  Make Bake Celebrate

Every year I ask my brother what he wants for Christmas, and every year he tells me and then says he is getting me coal. So I think it would be fitting for me to include some of these in his gift.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees from Lovely Little Kitchen

These are super adorable, and they don’t even require using the oven. The perfect thing to work on if your family has the oven full of cookies already and you don;t want to wait your turn.


Meringue Trees from  This Silly Girl’s Kitchen

These make me miss Sydney. I lived there for 5 years and meringue and that was the first time I ever tried meringue. I miss you, Pavlova…… and Australia!


Teddy Bear Cookies from DIY & Crafts

images   images   images images . That’s all I have to say about these little guys.


Happy and blessed Holidays, everyone! I pray they are full of warm and magical memories with your family and friends.

Love, Nickey (& the fam)

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for including my eggnog cookies!


    • I actually made your eggnog cookies…. they were AMAZING. So thank YOU :) Thx for dropping by!


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