10 Ways That Nannies Are Basically Unicorns

I believe that all mothers have magical powers. It seems like when that kid comes out that are endowed will all sorts of crazy abilities. I am not a mother yet… but I will say, being a nanny has certainly upped my magic factor and I feel like I have acquired some honorary magic.  I am not gonna lie, it’s nice feeling like I have some sort of magic. Living with my pet unicorn Sprinkles is super fun… but obviously she is always in the spot light. My nanny powers may not be exactly what she can do… but they make me feel magical too!

So here’s a toast to all my nannies (and mannies) out there. You are magic.


1.) Nannies are able to make ordinary food a magical experience.


I have been a nanny for the past 12 years and in those years I have come across my fair share of fussy eaters. To all the nannies out there with fussy eaters- I salute you. In my time of need I turned to a good friend of mine. Yes…. I am talking about Pinterest. The magical place where everyone’s good ideas are just waiting for you to come and dip into their knowledge. I spent many afternoons making strawberry mice, Angry Birds fruit arrangements and rainbow pancakes. Oh, and my personal favorite… food cities. I once had a little one who had basically no interest in eating. But he wanted to be an architect when he grew up. So I went out and bought a copy of Iggy Peck Architect (you should totally add this book to your kiddos bookshelf if it isn’t there already) and I told him that if he ate what he built, we would build a “Food City”. Win. Sprinkles would zap him a rainbow cupcake out of thin air, and he would eat those…. sometimes. 😉

2.) Nannies can turn ordinary “trash” into magic. Like an old cardboard box into outer space.


Have you also found that no matter what cool things you buy for your kids, they end up wanting to play with the box or the packaging? I once helped a 5 year old I nannied build a castle out of some boxes his new toys came in and he played in there from morning until lunch. It’s alway fun to hear kid banter about slaying dragons, laughter from funny jesters, and knights riding their horses to save the day… all as you are washing the dishes that have stacked in the sink. Nannies can make a great fort out pretty much anything.

3.) Nannies have super strength (and the power of 10 arms in 2).

Carrying bags

Nannies are great at carrying armloads of… everything. I mean everything. Babies, groceries, dry cleaning, diaper bags, and a much needed Starbucks…. all at once. There’s no time to make a thousand trips when you are responsible for 4 children with energy to spare and it’s about rain. Ahhhh! (Sorry, I am reliving it.)

4.) Nannies can do 10 things at once. Well.


Multitasking. Sometimes you just have to do the laundry, make dinner, assist with homework, and bake those 2 dozen snicker doodle cookies for the kindergarten bake sale…. all at once. Sprinkles can be in two places at once– it’s similar. But I am still working on that.

5.) Nannies have built in lie detectors.


Nannies have an unbelievable sixth sense for lying. Please excuse my french, but since I have become a nanny I can literally detect bullish*t from a mile away. Maybe even 2 miles. Nannies are great at deciphering the “tattle-tale” game. Yes, I do know it was you who ate all of the cupcakes off the bottom shelf of the refractor and smeared frosting all over the cupboards. No, Mr.Gills the fish did not do it.

6.) Nannies have healing hugs.


It’s amazing what one nanny hug can heal. A bad day at school, a fall off a bike, a bad dream… the list goes on. Nannies have a special way of hugging out all the yucky stuff. It is basically the equivalent of having a unicorn horn. All is right in the world.

7.) Nannies speak toddler.


Toddlerish? Toddlerese? It really should have a name… because you almost need a degree to understand it. But somehow nannies do! And every toddler seems to have their own dialect. If I am being honest, it’s actually my favorite language. If Sprinkles comes on a nanny job with me, I have to translate. She isn’t fluent in English to begin with. The Cotton Candy Kingdom has it’s own language. I am trying to learn it now- and let me tell you, it’s not easy!

8.) Nannies are Pinterest in the flesh.


It’s true. We are DIY queens (and kings), magical recipe chefs, know how to get stains out of everything, and are up with all the kiddy trends. Pinterest has certainly become the sponsor to much of our “magicness”. (It’s a word. Well… now it’s a word.) I will Pin it and soon everyone will be saying it. 😉

9.) A nanny’s purses/diaper bag is full of magic and problem solving items. 


I love going on play dates with other nannies and their charges. It seems that with all our forces combined, you can literally ask for anything and we will have it. One afternoon in Beverly Hills my little girlie lost a button and I was able to sew it right back on. I always carry my little “Nanny-Bag-O-Magic” in my purse of diaper bag. It is full if mini bubbles, puzzles, clay, crayons, card games, random toys, sewing supplies, stain remover, band aids, double sided sticky tape, and other nessesities. You never know when you will get caught in rush hour traffic or the order at the restaurant with not get in as it should have. A good nanny is always prepared! :) I love watching kids faces as I pull fun things out of my bag like Mary Poppins.

10.) Nannies have super strong stomachs.


Nannies spend their days playing, cooking, reading books, and doing all of the other wonderful things. They also assist in the blowing of snotty noses, cleaning up vomit and wet sheets, wiping little bums, and are spit up on all the time. But that’s ok, because nannies have the magical power of strong stomachs.

How about you? What are some of your magical nanny powers? There are most definitely more than 10 :)


  1. Those pancakes look soooo yummy.

  2. Amen, seriously. My nanny makes my life possible.

    • Ha! Nice- I’ll bet she’s the best! Thx for dropping by. :)


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